He Takes A Lighter To His Key For A Few Minutes, Then Presses Tape Against It. The Reason? SO SMART!

You probably had that unpleasant experience of losing your keys, and we can all agree that losing the keys is one of the worst thing that could happen to you. When this happens you only have two options. You either break into your home or you call a locksmith, which could cost you a lot.

That is why you need to be smart and not let this happen to you. We are saying that you should always have a spare key, just in case. The problem occurs if you have one of those “do not duplicate” keys. But not anymore, we are presenting you this tutorial that can help you make a duplicate of your key.

He Takes A Lighter To His Key For A Few Minutes, Then Presses Tape Against It. The Reason! SO SMART!

Dave has shared a number of useful life hacks with us, but this one is definitely the best one so far. He manages to perfectly replicate his key using only tape, scissors and the top of a tin can and here we show you how he did it.

First of all, using a lighter, you need to heat up your key, until it gets dark and has that scorched appearance. Then take a piece of tape and carefully place it over the key, in order to make an imprint.

Now peel the tape off very carefully. Next place the tape with the imprint on the top of a tin can lid.

Now you need a pair of sharp scissors. Use the scissors to cur around the key shape. You need to be extra careful not to cut your fingers, because the edges of the top will get really sharp.

When you are done cutting the key, try it. However you need to be careful not to break or damage the key or the lock, because this key will be far thinner than the traditional key.

Try this life-saving hack immediately, you won’t regret it!

Video by: DaveHax

Source: Top Healthy Life

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