Heal The Swelling Of Ankles And Legs!

It’s not just a estetich problem that, very often, affects men and women to whom swell the ankles and legs. Besides the loss of the line of the legs – as between feet and calves no longer exists a point that differentiates the thickness – the swelling can also be a signal with which our health is warning us that something is wrong with our body .

Heal The Swelling Of Ankles And Legs!

Water retention

a) Reduce consumption of salt. And is essential to avoid salt so exaggerated every food, remembering that foods already contain them.
b) Drink at least a couple of liters of water a day. This removes the sodium and purifies the body.
c) Avoid alcohol. Consumption due to water retention, and it should be reduced or, better, eliminated.
d) Motor activity. Gymnastics helps eliminate sodium through sweat.
e) Be patient. Often she retention in a woman is due, by the change of hormones if you are waiting or during the cycle. Drink plenty of water and avoid salt.

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