Heal Your Pancreas Naturally

According to Lyudmila Kim this healing mixture is used as the prevention of diseases of the pancreas, but also for their treatment. It is very useful for diabetics because has impact on a stabilization of blood sugar levels.

Heal Your Pancreas Naturally


1 kg of lemon

300 g parsley

300g onions


Grind all the ingredients into the meat grinding machine. Lemon needs to grind with the peel, so it is desirable to obtain organic lemon.

Keep the mixture in a closed glass jar and leave to stand for 14 days (two weeks) in the refrigerator.


Use it daily one tablespoon after each meal, in total three spoons. With this medication is desirable to drink one third of cup- tea of strawberry leaves, blueberry or cranberry.

Source: healthadvisorgroup

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