Health Benefits of Boxing

Boxing has taken off in the world of wellness as people start to see how effective a workout which isn’t surprising given that boxing not only challenges the body but the mind as well. It’s not just about improving your musculature but it also engages the mind. Simply put, you’re losing weight and toning your muscles while boosting your mental health!

However, many are still unsure whether using boxing as their exercise regimen is right for them. In case you are wondering what this workout can do for you in the long run, here are a few benefits to be that you can gain when you box.

1. Reduce your stress levels

Feeling angry or too stressed out at home or at work? Boxing can help alleviate your stress. Although a boxing match on its own is actually quite stressful, training with boxing where you get to hit a heavy bag, working out using the speed ball, or just doing pad work can actually help you get rid of stress. And when you exercise intensely, your endorphins will actually kick in making you feel confident, less stressed, and happy.

2. Strengthens your body

Boxing requires you to duck, bounce, punch, pivot, and spar which means your body will be making repetitive moves that can help boost the power and strength in your legs, core, and arms.

3. Weight loss

Did you know that you can actually burn a lot of calories when you box? As a matter of fact, a 30 minute session with the heavy bag can cause you to burn up to 175 calories and 260 calories more when you spar. Combine this intense workout session with a controlled diet and you will see vast improvement not only with your weight but body image as well.

4. Improves your cardiovascular system

In boxing, boxers get to fight an opponent for three minutes then recover for a minute with sparring or bag work in between. This type of interval training is actually useful when it comes to making your cardiovascular system healthy which in turn reduces your risk of suffering cardiovascular related problem such as stroke and high blood pressure.

5. Build stronger muscles and bones

Bone mass usually peak when you reach your mid-30s to your late 30s. Afterwards, it will decline as you grow older. By doing exercises that put a lot of load on your bones as well as weight-bearing exercises, you have a good chance of increasing your bone mass thus reducing your risk of suffering from bone loss which can lead to other medical issues such as osteoporosis. Since boxing puts a load on your bones, this can put a halt to bone loss.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to be gained when you box. Not only will you build a stronger and more toned physique but you’re also learning how to protect yourself when needed. What’s more, it’s a great workout and one that you’ll keep on doing once you get the taste for it.


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