Healthy Spices in Your Kitchen

Spices are used in different forms – whole, chopped, ground, roasted, sauteed, fried and as topping.

Lets read some wonder about these spices here.

Onion ( Pyaj)

Onions have anti-biotic, antiseptic, antimicrobial and carminative properties to help you stay away from infections. A small piece of onion when inhaled can stop or slow down the bleeding through the nose

Three onions on a white background.


Garlic ( Lahsun )

garlic can really be miracle spice it can br Antibacterial and Antiviral,Reduce blood pressure,Reduce cholesterol etc



Coriander ( Dhaniya)

Coriander is used for digestion problems including upset stomach, loss of appetite, hernia, nausea, diarrhea, bowel spasms, and intestinal gas. It is also used to treat measles, hemorrhoids, toothaches, worms, and joint pain, as well as infections caused by bacteria and fungus.

Some breast-feeding women use coriander to increase milk flow.



Cumin ( Jeera)
Cumin is a good source of Iron, Manganese, and other vitamins and minerals. Some research shows that cumin can stimulate the production of pancreatic enzymes and help digestion. One study found that cumin was protective against memory loss and the damaging effects of stress on the body.




Amchur also has high iron content, so pregnant women and people suffering from anemia are advised to consume it regularly.
It combats acidity and improves digestion. Mangoes contain phenols, phenolic compound have powerful antioxidant and anticancer abilities.
It is a fair source of Vitamin A and Vitamin E which helps hormonal system function efficiently. Vitamin A and vitamin E are required for healthy skin and eyes.

Mango Ginger


Pepper ( Kali Mirch)

It is a well-known fact that pepper benefits our health by improving digestion and preventing the formation of intestinal gas.Besides, pepper (known as Kali Mirch in Hindi) is beneficial in reducing inflammation associated with rheumatic pains and arthritis. In addition, black pepper home remedies relieve sinus and nasal congestion.



Turmeric (Haldi)

Used in almost all Indian curries, this spice has almost no calories (1 tablespoon = 24 calories) and zero cholesterol. It is rich in dietary fiber, iron, potassium, magnesium and vitamin B6.



Cardamom (Elaichi  )

Elaichi  or cardamom is one of the most common spices seen in an Indian household. Not only is it added to sweet and savoury dishes it is also used as a natural mouth freshener. But the humble green pod has a lot more to offer – healthy wise it is good to Improves digestion,Beats bad breath,Relieves acidity,Regularises your heart rate etc




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