Healthy Summer Vegetables

Going seasonal is the best way to choose your food! Make sure you eat local and seasonal fruits and vegetable. You’ll be surprised to know how nature ensures that we get all nutrients we need if we eat whats in the season!

Here are some healthy Summer Vegetables:


Also called Lauki or Ghiya,is delicious and has many health benefits. It is very easy to digest and has cooling and calming properties.  



Pumpkins contain calcium, potassium and fiber. It is good for digestion and eliminating intestinal worms from the digestive system. It also controls blood pressure and sugar and helps in curing skin diseases.



Also known as chukandar, beets are high in Dietary Fiber, Folate, Potassium, Manganese, Vitamin C, Iron and Magnesium. If an anaemic eats half a beetroot daily, anaemia will soon be sorted out in a matter of weeks! Fresh chukandar juice with a tablespoonful of honey every morning before breakfast helps cure flatulence, vomiting etc. A head massage with a mix of beet juice with a little vinegar will not only help reduce dandruff, but will also refresh you.



Cucumber can be used for treating skin problems, is beneficial for stomach and lung related problems. It contains a large amount of vitamin A, C, iron, calcium, phosphorous, etc. It is effective in problems related to teeth and gums. It is good for removing dead skin cells and making the skin smooth and cool. Cucumber raita – made with grated cucumber, yogurt and a pinch of salt helps keep cool during summers.


So Eat more vegetable! Be Veegie! … Live Healthy!… and Be Happy  !!!
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