Herbal Cure for Pimples

Pimple is a disease that affects the teenagers most and though not critical, it sure makes the social life of a teenager miserable due to its appearance. It is a disease that has pestered the youth from time immortal and has popular home remedies practiced in all parts of the world. The pimples generally occur at face, through neck, back and shoulders are the other most popular body areas to host it.

Some of the natural home remedies for the treatment and cure of pimples are as follows.
A combination of honey and cinnamon powder is a natural home remedy. When this paste is applied on the pimples and left over night it cures pimples. The process however should be continued for a couple of weeks.


Lemon juice when mixed with ground nut oil and then applied on the affected surface is a very good remedy for pimples. Sandal wood powder can also be added for added benefit. Cinnamon power mixed with lemon juice also works wonders.

A mask prepared by combining grated apple pulp and honey also is a natural home remedy for curing pimples.

A combination of lemon juice and rose water when applied on the pimples and left for half an hour is a good remedy for pimples. This should be continued for three to four weeks as a natural home remedy.

Try these natural home remedies for pimple treatment and you will see results definitely!
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