Here Is Everything You Need You Know About Blood Types

People are either 0, A, B or AB blood type from birth. It is said by the experts that every type has its own characteristics and here are some of them:

*Blood type and offsprings*

85 percent of people are Rh positive and if the man is Rh positive but the woman is Rh negative, there is a risk of health issues in the child.

*Blood type and diseases*

Every type, depending on the health, is less or more prone to issues, so you should check this out.

*Blood type and diet*

See which diet is good for your blood type and which one to avoid. Type 0 needs more meat and fish, A needs more vegetables, B needs red meat and AB needs lean meat and seafood.

*Blood antigens*

These are in the mouth, colon, lungs, nostrils, blood and GI tract. 

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