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Oatmeal makes you feel fuller for a longer period of time and reduce the craving. It reduces the weight by reducing the consumption of unnecessary food.

This is how much calories you will get from these ingredients:

-230 calories from two apples;
-450 calories from six eggs;
-0 calories from the green tea;
-160 calories from one cup of oatmeal;
-60 calories from cucumber + carrot;
Total: 900 calories

Breakfast: one cup of green tea and three boiled eggs

Lunch: One cup of green tea, one apple and three boiled eggs

Evening: One apple and one cup of green tea (in between you can have sprouts, cucumbers or carrots for meal)

Dinner: One bowl of oatmeal (you can add flaxseed, nuts and fruits for better results)

Night: One cup of green tea one hour before going to bed

Along with the diet you should try to avoid excess sugar and salt and walk fifteen minutes every morning or do mild exercise. It will help in the process.

Source: naturalhealthyteam

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