Here Is How To Activate Your Hormones To Burn Fat

1st step:

*Cut the sugar out*

The carbohydrates have negative impact on the weight loss goals. Carbohydrate deposits from sugar-rich foods like processed foods, cookies, alcohol and starchy vegetables provide energy that the body uses instead of burning the reserves of fat.

2nd step:

*increase the veggie consumption*

Increase the intake of vegetables especially beans and greens. Steamed and raw greens need more energy to digest and that is great for the regime. The fiber content in vegetables is good for the intestinal cleansing. For better results, consume greens for breakfast and large salads at lunch and dinner.

You can also juice the veggies. The dark greens like spinach, kale, parsley and celery are recommended for people dealing with blood sugar issues. In order to add more protein use cauliflower, string beans and asparagus. If you like sweeten juices, use apples, Beets and carrots. Adding six tbs. of hemp seeds and two tsp. of ground flaxseeds in the juice can replace a meal.

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