Here Is How To Eliminate Body Fat Naturally

Nowadays, one of the most common health problems is the obesity. Obesity can be caused by many factors, like fast food, busy lifestyle and more. Obesity can be treated with different methods. Many of the methods fail to give results and the reason for this is found by the researchers.

A recent study was conducted on 4,000 adults who were obese and divided in six categories:

-Healthy young females, who had fewer issues related to obesity like type2 diabetes;
-heavy drinking men, with fewer issues due to obesity  but with higher intake of alcohol;
-anxious and unhappy middle-aged, women (predominantly) with damaged wellbeing and mental health;
-healthy and affluent elderly, with optimal health with high blood pressure or higher intake of alcohol;
-happy but physically sick elderly, with good mental health suffering from chronic diseases such as osteoarthritis;
-poorest health in people with many chronic diseases and most economically deprived;

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