Here Is How To Eliminate Body Fat Naturally

The researcher took many factors in consideration. The distribution of body fat can be of 2 types, gynoid and android.

The android distribution is called like that because more men exhibit it than women. It is described as ‘apple’ shape and it is when the waist is greater than the hip circumference. The gynoid is the most seen in women and it is the ‘pear’ shape of body where the hips are greater that the waist. You need to know the causes of the accumulated fat in certain area so you can burn it and here is how:

*Upper-body obesity* type: android

Here are people who consume food a lot and they are physically not active. They should limit the sweets intake and exercise at least thirty minutes a day.

*Stomach centered obesity* type: android

This fat accumulation is due to anxiety, stress and depression. Try some relaxation exercises and techniques.

*Lower-body obesity* type: gynoid

Women suffer from this the most. Try lower body training along with cardio exercises.

*Swollen stomach obesity* type: android

This is due to excessive consumption of alcohol or/and breathing difficulties. Limit the intake of alcohol and do breathing exercises.

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