In order to get rid of the retained water, repeat the same movements closer to your navel. Massage the area with greater pressure in circular motion, but it shouldn’t hurt.
If you want to relieve the weight you’re feeling, you should massage the lower abdomen same as the previous ones.

-You should start the day with lemon water on an empty stomach, as the vitamin C regulates the processes in the stomach.
-Don’t drink while eating because it impedes the digestion and leads to bloating.
-Consume ginger tea as it prevents gas formation and improves the circulation.

-Don’t consume alcohol on an empty stomach as it destroys the gut’s microflora.
-Eat and chew slowly because when you do it quickly, you swallow excess air and leads to bloating.
-Relax and meditate for fifteen minutes in fresh air or go for a walk. Here is a video with a recipe that can remove the bloated belly:

Source: naturalhealthyteam

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