Here Is What the Fruit Labels Say about the Fruit!

We live in a world where artificially created items are surrounding as well as the toxins that affect our health. Therefore, is essential for us to be extremely careful in purchasing our food.

Here Is What the Fruit Labels Say about the Fruit!

Have ever wondered what does the fruit labels mean? Well, read this article to find out what the fruit labels say about the fruit.

Fruit whose code is with 4 digital numbers starting the numbers 3 or 4 means that the products are cultivated by factory and that have been used artificial fertilizers.

If the fruit label has 5 digits, starting the number 8, it means the products were genetically modified or GMO. It is strongly recommended to avoid such ingredients.

Furthermore, if the products have 5 digits in their label, starting with the number 9, it indicates that the products have been grown traditionally or organically without using fertilizers or pesticides. This you should consider as the best and healthiest option for you.

After you read this information for fruit labels, I am sure you will pay extra attention next time when you buy your fruits.

Source: healthyviperson

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