Here’s How I Cured Rheumatism that Even Doctors Couldn’t!

One reader from Cazin shared how with the help of alternative medicine she cured rheumatism, stressing that medicine did not help in solving the problems.

“Rheumatism was my issue to deal with after the failure of doctors. I felt numbness of hands and a lot of pain mostly at night, so I had to do something.”

Here’s the recipe:
  • 2 kg of honey a real meadow
  • 1 liter of rainwater or distilled water
  • 250 g of dry clover alfalfa


Cook for an hour over low heat and drain after it boils.

Mix with honey and eat 2 tablespoons after meals three times a day.

After that, you’ll experience 10 years of no tingling in your hands, no unbearable pain at night and when waking, no dropping things from your hands,” says the happy reader.

Source: Sport Online Group

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