Here’s What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Cooked Corn

Corn can be prepared in many ways, and it’s rich in:
Dietary fiber – lowers cholesterol,
Folic acid – keeps the blood vessels,
Vitamin B1, which is important for the good work of the brain.
Unlike vegetables, which is healthier when is eaten raw, corn is healthier when it’s thermally processed.
Cooking corn leads to creation of molecules that protect the body from the damaging effects of free radicals, which makes corn natural protector against degenerative diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and blood vessels.
Thermal processing of corn increases the activity of antioxidant molecules and their fitomateriite that corn is rich, and they provide anti-cancer properties of corn.
The food is excellent in the fight against excess weight, and it contains only 124 calories. It’s cholesterol-free and contains very low levels of saturated fat.
Here are some specific benefits of consuming cooked corn:
  • – Encourages proper functioning of the nervous system, muscles and heart.
  • – Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease;
  • – It reduces the absorption of cholesterol in the body;
  • – Keep it under control diabetes and hypertension;
  • – Reduces the possibility of returning hemorrhoids;
  • – Regulates digestion;
  • – Strengthens bones;
  • – It acts positively on the skin and eyesight.
Many people consider that this food burdens the body with excess calories, but that is completely wrong because it’s rich in carbohydrates, low in fat and a great source of energy.
Corn has the same number of calories as apples, but less than a quarter sugars. In other words, the corn is actually one of the most healthy foods.
When buying corn, pay attention to these things:
  • – Fully ripe sweet corn has bright green, moist husks.
  • – The silk should be stiff, dark and moist.
  • – You should be able to feel individual kernels by pressing gently against the husk.

Source: Healthy Life Idea

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