Here’s What Shape and Length of the Toes Say About Your Future and Personality

With the help of this simple test, you will discover many things about your personality and predict the future. Are you aware of the fact that many cultures in the world inspect their toes to learn more about themselves? In addition, several studies have shown that the shape and length of the toes can tell us a lot about who we really are.

shape and length of the toes

What Shape and Length of the Toes Say

Big Toe

In case the big toe is significantly longer compared to other toes, you are probably a very creative and witty individual. You are not afraid of problems and always have unique solutions. People with this type of toes are very objective and they don’t lack ideas. However, people with big toe that is longer may lack concentration.

On the other hand, if your big toe is relatively small, then you have the ability to finish several tasks at once. Individuals with smaller big toes are charming and rely on their charm when they want others to support their ideas and plan. They are extremely efficient.

Second Toe

It turns out that long second toes are typical for true leaders. The longer this toe is the better. These individuals are lively, enthusiastic and usually want to finish the tasks in the way they want them to be finished. According to some stories, moms in India have not allowed their sons to start relationships with women with long second toe because they are usually too domineering.

When it comes to shorter second toe, you don’t have to worry because this people (despite the length) can fight for their prosperity, but you are usually more calm and relaxed and wait for the right time to take action.

Third Toe

In case your third toe is longer, this means that you are very dynamic and creative and this especially visible at your workplace. If you have a very long third toe, you will most likely be successful in your career. Ancient Chinese have linked the long third toe with willpower, determination and energy. You are idealist and can achieve many great things thanks to your exceptional energy and enthusiasms. The only downside is that you can turn into a workaholic and forget to enjoy life.

In case this toe is short, you are definitely a hedonist. You are fond of having fun, relaxing and don’t push yourself too hard when it comes to work. Some people may say that you are a little bit lazy, but you can always tell them that you are actually enjoying life.

Fourth Toe

Straight and long fourth toe is associated with individuals who put their family in the first place. If you are not satisfied with the relationships you have with your family, friends and partner, you will probably notice a curling in this area. Individuals with such toes are great listeners and supporters. However, in many cases the problems of other people bring bad mood and inability to function properly in these individuals. People like this can easily get offended and hurt.

In case the toes are clawed, you must find a way to relax and learn when is the right time to let other people’s problems go. Every problem in your family will have a negative impact on your personal health. Finally, a short toe indicates that relationships with other people and your family are not that significant to you.

Little Toe

Small little toes are common in people who don’t want to grow up. If you have a small little toe, then you probably don’t want any responsibilities, you are hard to amuse and you are always looking for something that can cheer you up. People like this are very sociable, clever and interesting. However, you should know that there are times when people must be serious.

In case you can twist this toe separately from the rest of the toes, you are very charming and brave. You are fond of loyalty and honesty.

The arches of the feet can reveal many things about our personality, too.

Individuals who are extremely independent and self-sustaining usually have very high arches. You definitely want some me-time every once in a while and some people may perceive you as unfriendly and uncommunicative. You possess a strong spirit, but keep in mind that people are social beings. The ancient Chinese philosophy claims that people with high arches are usually viewed as rigid and difficult persons. However, those with average or low arches enjoy being with people close to them and they can be considered to be extroverts. They love socializing.

Wide Feet

In case your feet are wide, this means that you are not a sedentary type of person and you are very dynamic. However, it is good to take a break from time to time and think about the things that are going on in your life. You probably feel the best when you are busy, but sometimes things like relaxation and peace are needed in order to make progress in our lives.

Toes with Gradually Reducing Size

In case every toe is a little bit longer than the one located next to it (starting from the little toe to the big toe), this means that you are a very practical and efficient individual. You always take care of the details and you never give up from the things you’ve started. People believe that you are a good pal and great employee who is loyal and trustworthy. Try to avoid looking for perfectionism especially in others because you will often be disappointed.

Long Narrow Feet

Long narrow feet indicate that you are a person that likes to get attention from the others. You think that you deserve to be treated well all the time. In addition, you tend to give your work to others. You enjoy visually pleasing things and put beauty above all else.

Source: Sport Online Group

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