Here’s Where You SHOULD Be Applying Perfume To Make It Last All Day – I Never Expected This!

Here are several interesting tips on where you should spray perfume to last throughout the day! And be ready as you have never thought about some body parts.

Woman Putting on Perfume

If you love expensive perfumes or you often buy them as a present for Christmas or Birthday you may want to know how you can make them last longer. Stop spraying a great amount of the perfume unnecessarily. There are several ways to make your perfume last longer. Many people are not aware about these crucial body areas.

People who love wearing perfumes, often spray it on the wrong areas. But the perfume expert Ruth Mastenbroek reveals where you need to apply the perfume.

And it’s not what you expect.

Here’s where you should be spraying it:

  • Ears – behind the ears is a pulse point and the warmth there will enhance the fragrance.
  • Inside elbows – pulse point just be sure that the skin here is hydrated to avoid irritation.
  • Belly button – this is a must if you’re bearing your midriff.
  • Collarbone – the bone structure here gives the perfume somewhere to sit for longer.
  • Ankles – this is refreshing and also wafts as you walk.
  • Hands – pulse point and most used part of the body.
  • Behind your knees – veins run close to the skin here enhancing the perfumes scent.

Are you surprised?  I was definitely shocked by the belly button.


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