Here’s Why Ginger Is 10,000x Stronger And Better Than Chemotherapy

Ginger is a spice which can cure many diseases and it has many uses and different properties. Have you heard about its healing properties when it comes to curing cancer? People use turmeric for treating cancer, but many researches show that ginger is a very powerful ingredient as well. It is proven that it is more effective than many medications.

Better Than Chemotherapy

There is an evidence that some of those medications are ineffective and can speed up the death of patients who have cancer.

Ginger power

One study which was conducted in the Georgia State University discovered that ginger extract can decrease the size of a prostate tumor in mice to 56%. Ginger also reduced inflammation and provided them with antioxidants.

Another study which was published in PLos discovered that the 6-shogaol that can be found in ginger is better than traditional cancer medications or chemotherapy, because it targets the root that causes breast cancer stem cells.

The stem cells also known as mother cells cause different types of cancer, including breast cancer. They create different daughter cells which create the formation of tumor colony. Cancer stem cells compose only 2 to 1% of the cell formation of the tumor and they are nearly immortal.

This means that they can be renewed. They are able to constant differentiation and can resist the traditional chemotherapeutic agents and are able to split and create additional tumor colonies. If you want to destroy cancer you have to fight against the cancer stem cells inside the tumor.

The study showed that the strong component in ginger (6-shogaol) can act against cancer. This component is produced with the process of drying and cooking of the ginger and most people use it that way. The 6-shogaol contains something else that makes it better than regular chemotherapy.

They discovered that it only killed cancer cells and not the non-cancer ones, which means that this ingredient does not have negative influence over the healthy cells. That is why it is so different and better than chemotherapy which usually can harm the patient.

In cases of breast cancer this ingredient can have influence over the cell cycle which results in death of the cancer cells. It generates the cell death throughout the initiation of autophagy. It can stop the formation of breast cancer spheroids.

6-shogaol contains other benefits as well. Many tests of taxol, a medication that is used for treating cancer, showed different level of efficiency at killing cancer tumor and cells as 6-shogaol. The concentrations of the medication were increased, but once again the 6-shagaol killed cancer cells more efficiently, stopped the formation of tumor and the healthy cells were still alive.

More researches should be conducted in order to show the effectiveness of the natural medicines, because we can’t make our bodies sicker and try to cure the disease at the same time, that isn’t good enough.

Source: Healthy Holistic Living

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