Here’s Why Wheat Is Toxic To The Human Body And It’s Not The Gluten!

You may find it strange that you don’t experience symptoms when you eat pasta on a holiday, but you have symptoms when you eat them home, or if this sometimes causes autoimmune reactions in your kids, but not every time.

In some parts of the world, the conventionally cultivated wheat doesn’t trigger symptoms. This in fact indicates that wheat is toxic as a result of something beyond organic/nonorganic and gluten/hybridization.

Many people believe that the wheat in the US is genetically modified. Still, the number of people who are suffering from wheat and gluten problems in the last 10 years can’t be attributed to wheat and gluten hybrids, since they are consumed for centuries.

It seems that the toxicity of the wheat in the US is not caused by genetic modification. Actually, the real reason is in the way the wheat is harvested by the conventional farmers.

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