Here’s Why Wheat Is Toxic To The Human Body And It’s Not The Gluten!

The process of harvesting wheat in the USA includes drenching the wheat fields using Roundup a couple of days prior to the combine harvesters. This is a result of the fact that the withered and dead plants allow an easier, earlier and larger harvest, and are much less taxing for the farming equipment.

Using Roundup or other types of herbicides that contain the harmful active ingredient called glyphosate before the harvest was suggested during the 1980s.

Since then, the usage of drying ingredients about a week before harvesting became a routine in the community of conventional farmers.

Doctor Stephanie Seneff investigated such practice and recently was at a nutritional conference that took place in Indianapolis. She claimed that this process of applying glyphosate on the non-organic wheat crops right before the harvest appeared in the late 1990′s, and caused contamination of the non-organic wheat in the US.

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