High Heels, Flat Heels Or Full Heels? Try This Test And See What Are Your Shoes Saying About You!

Hollywood stars have gone completely crazy about the trend shoe selfies on Instagram, with the various models of their favorite shoes, trying to show their characteristics, creativity and uniqueness. Since the shoes for decades have been a reflection of one’s fashion style, we decided to take a look at all the psychological angles and find out – what your choice of shoes says about you?

High Heels, Flat Heels Or Full Heels! Try This Test And See What Are Your Shoes Saying About You!

High Heels

Simplicity and elegance, with an emphasis on the high heels. These shoes show the stability and the confidence of the person who wears them. This model fits all characters, such as stringent, confident girls, as well as more casual and outdoor types. Although they are commonly associated with the business environment, they can also be combined with different styles, from dresses to pants.

Kitten heels

This type of shoes dates from the time of Marie Antoinette and it is hard to imagine this shoes on anything else but a luxurious crinoline. That is why girls who wear these, a little old-fashioned, shoes are considered to be the types of girls that are discreetly jumping out of the uniformity and conventional mold.

Modern high heels

Seen from the front, they reflect conservatism, however, the back reveals their true face. This “business in the front, party in the back” model can cope with numerous cuts and it perfectly fits the brave and confident women.

Thick heels

This heels are the more comfortable version of the stiletto thick heels, and are an excellent support for the legs and the lower back. They appeared in the 90s and they almost “swept away” their thin rivals. Today, once again we are seeing them on the catwalks and they are favored by numerous designers. This type of heels are often chosen by girls who are familiar with their masculine side of personality, which is notable in the sturdy and thump step that echoes with every step. Thick heels usually have a square and modern edge. However the girls who choose them do not believe in sacrificing their comfort for the price of beauty. Girls who choose these heels are gifted with an excellent taste, but not too diverse style. Thick heels go perfect with jacket and a shirt.

Futuristic heels

This type of heels is perfect for the girls who have no problem with demonstrating their sexuality. These girls have also developed an environmental awareness and a high bound of fashion awareness. These heels go perfectly with strong individuals full of self-awareness. The ones proudly wearing this type of shoes, are going in for all or nothing, and they do it right away, because for these girls there are no compromises, and their taste is surely unquestionable, and you can note their directness in every conversation.

Modern full heels

These sandals are for optimistic girls with style, determined stance and good taste. These girls are confident and always know what they want. Girls who are choosing these shoes are usually fashion lovers, or simply are trying to keep on track of what is currently “in”.

Platform heels

The character behind these shoes could be hidden in their past. The platform heels were worn even in 220 BC when the Greek actors used the height of the platform to emphasized the importance of the actor (if the platform was higher, the actor was more important). The model of this orthopedic sandals with high heels and a platform is always trendy and it perfectly suits the modern young girls. These sandals at first glance suggest openness, energy and spontaneity of the wearer.

Shoes with flat heels

High heels can make you seem more elegant and raise your self-esteem, but they often do not fulfill the fundamental role of shoes – to easily take you from point A to point B. Flat shoes are, according to many designers, a reflection of confidence, because the one who wears them feels self-confident enough and does not need any “artificial” height. Although many say that the sex appeal is measured with the height of the heels, modernization of this style proves just the opposite. The femininity of flat shoes was proven by Audrey Hepburn in the fifties.

Source: Your Stylish Life

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