Home Products for Removing Blackheads

Every Human being is facing a problem with Blackheads and many don’t know that they can get rid of them with few ingredients that most of as have them at Home.

Presentation of the skin for everybody is an important alley due to outside world! We all spend so much money on many cosmetics for different kind of treatments, but from now on we have a less expensive solution for removing blackheads from our Skin!

Tips on how to remove Blackheads Naturally!

Tired of blackheads?

There are several ways you can clean complexion. Experts suggest three natural combination that you can prepare at home.

Green tea

It is well known fact that green tea is a natural antioxidant and mostly is used in weight loss programs,but also can be used for skin care treatments.

Apply it on your face and then gently massage the pores in circular motion. Repeat at least twice. Green tea can be used not only to remove blackheads, but also for the spa-facial treatment.

Baking soda

This ingredient is often used as skin care of the whole body.

Is needed:

2 tablespoons of baking soda
3 cups of boiled water.

Pour the baking soda with water and allow it to completely dissolve. Keep a towel above the steam so as to maintain the required amount of baking soda that you applied to the face. Then cover the face with a towel and hold it for 10 minutes. If the towel is dry, put it back for a moment above the steam. Results will be visible after several treatments.

Source: healthyfoodusa

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