Home Remedies For A Cough With Phlegm

Home Remedies For A Cough With Phlegm

Here we offer other efficient folk remedies for threating milder phlegm congestion.


This vegetable is widely used because of its strong medicinal properties. For one thing, it’s a powerful disinfectant and anti-inflammatory agent, particularly beneficial for the respiratory tract. It can be used in a number of ways to clear chest congestion. The easiest way to use it is to cut in a half and breathe in the smell. Onion tea is just another easy way to address the issue. Simply, add onions into 1l water and bring the mixture to boil. Cool the mixture before you strain it. Use lemon, ginger, and some honey to disguise the taste. It’s recommended to have 3 cups a day.


Similarly to onion, garlic is just another vegetable highly beneficial for people with respiratory disorders. A natural antibiotic due to the powerful compounds it contains, garlic can be used in a number of ways, including tea (prepared as the one with onion described above); it can be eaten raw or in salads.


One of the oldest and most efficient home remedies for cleaning lung congestion, vaporizers can help you get rid of mucus and phlegm in a completely natural way. Simply bring a pot of water to a boil, place your face over it covering your head with a towel so as to inhale the vapours. Aside from using only water, you can also add a handful of sea salt or some medicinal herbs beneficial for respiratory disorders, such as sage, mint, thyme, elderberry, and eucalyptus.

Milk and Ginger

This recipe is quite simple as it only includes a glass of warm milk and a small slice of ginger root. Ginger is an efficient cough medicine and adding the warm milk only alleviates the elimination of phlegm. Simply mix the two ingredients and drink before it cools off. The best time to consume it is before bedtime because it alleviates breathing falling asleep.

Honey and Pepper

Honey and pepper are both powerful cough medicines, which effectively remove the phlegm by coughing. Mix one tablespoon of honey with a pinch of ground black pepper and take this twice a day.

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