Home Remedies for Throat Infection

Home Remedies for Throat Infection

Here are the top 7 home remedies for a sore throat.

1. Salt Water Gargle
The antiseptic of the salt water can reduce you from the throat infection. Take a glass of warm water and then pour half teaspoon salt. Now, gargle several times using salt water. Please be careful that you are not swallowing the water. You must spit the water out when you finish gargling. To improve the condition you can use this method at least four times in a day.

2. Honey
The easiest ingredient is honey that can cure you from the throat problem. The antibacterial properties of honey can work to heal you from the sore throat. It is simple enough. Just add one or two tablespoons of honey with one cup of lukewarm water. Mix them and drink it several times a day. You can take simply honey just before going to sleep when you feel bad with sore throat.

3. Lemon
Yap, lemon even can get rid you off from the sore throat. You just need to take a couple of slices of lemon, salt and pepper. Sprinkle the salt and pepper over the lemon slices and then lick the lemon slowly.
You can gargle with the lemon juice by mixing it with warm water also. You can add a few drops of honey if you want. The mixture of lemon, warm water and honey can help you to get rid of the sore throat.

4. Power of Garlic
Garlic is not only for cooking! It can be also used to reduce the sore throat. The antibacterial and antiseptic contents can help you to get rid of the sore throat. You have to cut fresh garlic into pieces. It would be better if you can split the garlic using your teeth. It will kill the chemical allicin which is responsible for sore throat.

You can also use the garlic oil. Just take a few falls of garlic oil to ¼ of a cup of water. Use this over the throat regularly.
Eat raw and cooked garlic. Garlic pills can be taken if you can’t bear the taste of garlic.

5. Cinnamon
Cinnamon is helpful to reduce your sore throat. Take a pinch of cinnamon powder, one pinch of paper and a little water. Mix all three together and boil for a decent while. Add a teaspoon of honey to it. Take the boiled mixture from the over and drink this slowly. Continue this remedy for at least one week.

6. Apple cider vinegar
Take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and mix it with a cup of lukewarm water. Then, mix and drink it slowly.

7. Control Food Items: Always make sure that you are not taking spicy foods too much. You will have to control drinking cold water and ice-cream to control the sore throat.

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