Home Remedies for Unwanted Hair Removal

Unwanted hair is a cause of embarrassment for many. While you need to get rid of unwanted hair at hidden places like armpits for hygienic purposes and to get rid of body odor, the hair on your face, hands, legs etc. does not pose any risk to your health. But yes, these unwanted hair can be removed so that you feel confident enough to face people. Clean and clear skin is a dream of everyone and you are no exception. So, if you have decided to get rid of your unwanted hair and are researching about various techniques like laser, electrolysis, permanent waxing etc. you must try certain home remedies for hair removal for some days. You may succeed in saving a lots of money and getting rid of unwanted hair removal in an easy and cheap way.

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Home Remedies for Unwanted Hair Removal
1. Raw Papaya Remedy for Unwanted Hair Removal
Papain is one of the active enzymes in papaya. It is capable of breaking down hair follicle and prohibit the growth of hair. Not only this makes your fine hair less noticeable but it also naturally exfoliate your skin to give it an inproved texture. Papaya is most suitable for sensitive skin. Thus, use raw papaya in one of these two ways to get rid of your unwanted hair permanently.

Raw Papayatheculinarylibrary

Get this:
• Raw papaya paste- 1-2 tablespoons
• Turmeric powder- ½ tsp

Do this:
• Make papaya paste by peeling and grinding raw papaya pieces.
• Mix turmeric powder with this raw papaya paste.
• Massage your face with this paste for about 15 minutes.
• Wash off with water.
• Do this once or twice a week.

2. Turmeric for Unwanted Hair Removal
Turmeric has been used for ages in India for healthy clean glowing skin. This is because along with its antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties, turmeric also has this quality of preventing hair growth. While turmeric is used with many ingredients to remove unwanted hair, this is a simple remedy where turmeric can just be used with water or milk.


Get this:
• Turmeric- 1-2 tsp (or enough to cover your body area with hair)
• Water or milk- enough to make paste.

Do this:
• Soak turmeric powder in water or milk to make a paste which is not too tight but which can stay on your face.
• Apply this to your face.
• Leave for 15-20 minutes or till it dries up.
• Wash off with warm water.

3. Chickpea Flour Mask for Unwanted Hair Removal
Chickpea flour, also known as gramflour and garbanzo beans flour, has been used traditionally in the Indian subcontinent for removing and preventing growth of unwanted body hair. Mothers use gramflour mixed with turmeric and water or milk on small babies’ face, hands and legs so that their skin remains soft, clean and hair free. You may also try this remedy for removing your unwanted hair.

Chickpea Flourninamanolson

Get this:
• Chickpea flour- ½ bowl
• Milk- ½ bowl
• Turmeric powder- 1 tsp
• Fresh cream- 1 tsp (omit this if you have oily skin)

Do this:
• Take the chickpea flour in a bowl.
• Add turmeric, milk and fresh cream to this and mix well to make a smooth paste.
• Apply this paste on your face in the direction of your hair growth.
• Ensure you have all your hair covered.
• Leave it for about half an hour.
• After 30 minutes, start rubbing the flour mask with gentle hand in the opposite direction of your hair growth.
• If the paste has dried a lot, you may wet your fingers a little to rub your face.
• Afterwards, wash off your face with lukewarm water.

4. Sugar-Lemon Mix to Remove Unwanted Hair on Face
When you mix sugar with water, it acts as an excellent exfoliate due to its granular texture. Lemon juice in this mixture acts as an astringent. Lemon juice is also a natural bleach which lightens the color of your facial hair.

Sugar Lemonkingarthurflour

Get this:
• Sugar- 2 tablespoons
• Fresh lemon juice- 2 teaspoons
• Water- 10 tablespoons

Do this:
• Mix sugar, lemon juice and water.
• Sugar will dissolve, though not fully, in the water. There will be granular effect of sugar.
• Apply this to your face in the direction of hair growth.
• Leave for 15-20 minutes.
• Wash off with water while rubbing gently.
• Do this twice or thrice a week. After few weeks, you will see noticeable reduction in hair on your face.

5. Potato-Lentil Ayurvedic Remedy for Unwanted Hair Removal
Potato is a natural bleaching agent. When mixed with yellow lentil or moong daal as it is called in India, potato juice not only makes your hair light in color but also works with dried lentil paste in pulling hair off face. This is a natural Ayurvedic way of removing unwanted hair from face, legs and hands.


Get this:
• Potato (peeled and crushed)- 1 bowl
• Yellow lentil – 1 bowl
• Honey- 1 tbsp
• Lemon juice- 4 tbsp
• 1 sieve or thin cloth to filter juice

Do this:
• Soak the yellow lentil in water overnight.
• In the morning, ground the lentil to get its paste.
• Take the peeled and crushed potatoes and place onto the sieve. Press with hands or a spoon to extract its juice. You can also use a cloth to extract potato juice.
• Add honey, lemon, and potato juice to yellow lentil paste and mix well.
• Apply this paste on face, hands, and legs, wherever you want your hair to go away.
• Leave it for 15-20 minutes or till the time it dries off.
• Once it dries, remove the paste by rubbing it with fingers. The dry lentil paste will pull off the hair with it.

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Now you should try to use these effective and natural home remedies for removing unwanted hair. If you like this post then please do like and share it with your friends and family!

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