Home Remedies To Get Relief From Wisdom Tooth Pain!


Here are Some Great Home Remedy to relieve Toothache

Take 1-2 whole cloves and hold them in your mouth near to the wisdom teeth. After couple of minutes you will feel numbness around the wisdom tooth area; actually the cloves release oil that numbs the affected area and you get relief from the tooth pain.

Ice Cubes
Take some small ice cube and put it in a plastic bag and then wrap it is a thin cotton cloth. Now, do softer massages by holding it on your cheek near the painful area for few.

Ice Cubes


Salt & Warm Water
Take one glass of mild warm water and dissolve on spoon of table salt in it. Now Rinse your mouth (gurgles) with it. It is the best home remedy for almost all kind of toothache.

Peppermint Oil
Take some Peppermint Oil and then dab a cotton ball into it. Now, put this peppermint cotton ball directly on the wisdom tooth. This will help to get relieve from wisdom teeth pain.

Tea Tree Oil
Take a couple of drops of tea tree oil on your finger tips and rub it gently on both gum and the aching wisdom tooth. It will help wisdom teeth pain. If you feel irritation from Tea Tree Oil then you can dilute it with some olive oil.

Baking Soda
Mix small amount of baking soda into your regular paste. Now, take some of the mixed toothpaste onto your fingers and apply it on the area near to wisdom tooth. Baking soda has capability to reduce the swelling and decrease the intensity of the pain.

Baking Soda


Mozzarella Cheese
We all love to eat cheese; it is not only good in taste but also rich in protein. Take a small piece of mozzarella cheese (if mozzarella is not available then take any soft cheese) and hold it around the growing wisdom tooth. This will help to alleviate the pain. Cheese also prevents bleeding gums.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Take a small cotton ball and dab it in apple cider vinegar. Now, place it on the growing and aching wisdom tooth.

Potato or Cucumber Slice
Take a chilled potato (to make it chilled you can put it into freezer for some time). Now, take this chilled potato and cut a thin slice. Place it under the wisdom tooth. Potato will soothe the pain, and the coldness will numb the affected area. You can use also use Cucumber slice instead of Potato.

Cucumber Slices

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If you still feel lots of pain after applying above home remedies, you should consult your dentist to get relieve from wisdom tooth pain.

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