Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Lizards From Home

These are a few ways in which you can drive the lizards out of your house. Keep your surroundings clean and your home pest free.



Lizards are the most despicable creatures of our house. These creepy things leap around the kitchen, startling us at wrong time. Pests in the house can be really troublesome and unhygienic.



Pest control is a time taking process. You have to get prepared with a lot of things before getting the pest control squad in your house.



So, here are a few home remedies you may try to drive these creepy creatures out of your house.

Keep your home clean: The basic thing is to keep your surroundings and your home clean. Unclean places are the breeding ground of the pests. So, maintain cleanliness in the house. This is the best way to keep lizards off.

Egg shells: Hang empty egg shells in all the corners of the house. It is a very effective remedy to keep off these creatures from the house. The pungent smell of the eggs keeps these creepy things off the walls of your house.

Make it hard for them to enter: Block all the possible entrances for these creepy pests. Keep the balcony and kitchen doors closed. If possible keep the kitchen windows closed too.

Effective spray: Fill a spray bottle with water. Add a tablespoon of tabasco sauce to it. Shake it well. Then spray this mixture in all the possible corners where you find lizards. Do it for a couple of days and your home will soon be free from lizards.

Electric repellant: Another effective way to get rid of lizards is to install an electric lizard repellant in your house. This device emits a high frequency sound which is inaudible to humans. But an extremely intolerable sound for the lizards. They will soon be out of your place.



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