Honey With Potatoes Can Relieve Gastric Ulcer! See How?

According to professor Yang Li, raw potatoes are good against inflammation whereas cooked potatoes help to restore energy and benefit the spleen and stomach. Honey is a cough remedy and a good treatment for constipation. In addition, honey is also good against gastric ulcer. Consuming potatoes in conjunction with honey is very nutritious and beneficial to the body.


Prior to making honey potatoes, use the fresh potatoes instead of sprouted potatoes because they contain a large amount of solanine which is harmful to the body. Firstly, cut the potatoes into quarter shapes and then cook them.

When the potatoes are half cooked, add honey and stir along with the potatoes. After that, keep cooking them on low heat so that the potatoes will absorb all the honey. When the potatoes are soft, they are ready to be served. They should not be too hard or too soft, otherwise the nutrients will be lost.

The best time to eat honey potatoes is in the morning and at night. Eating honey potatoes on an empty stomach will directly cover the gastric and benefits the body. Avoid eating stimulant food such as chili, pepper, and wine etc. Diabetes patients should avoid eating honey potatoes as they contain large amount of starch and sugar. Once again, it is very easy to make honey potatoes, cut the potatoes into quarter shapes and cook them until they are soft. Keep in mind that the potatoes should not be too soft or too hard. Adding honey is optional, the potatoes themselves are already nutritious for the body.

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