Hot Pepper Ingredient Kills Prostate Cancer Cells! Read!

Red hot pepper contains enormous amount of vitamin C and a little bit of carotene. The yellow, and especially green hot pepper, contains less of this substances. The pepper is also a magnificent source of complex B vitamins, in which dominates the vitamin B6.

It’s rich with magnesium and iron. The high level of vitamin C helps on the iron to be absorbed better from the other products, such as the bean and wheat. The newest researches prove that the meals that contain hot pepper can decrease the blood pressure at the people that have hypertension, to reduce the cholesterol and to remove the bad substances in the blood. The research taken in Korea has shown that consumption of hot pepper is one of the safest ways for reduction of the body weight.

Keeps the heart!

The hot pepper (especially the ‘jalapeno’) kills the prostate cancer. The scientist found that the hot pepper is a fighter against the galloping disease of the new age – the heart attack!

The regular intake of hot pepper is reducing the cancer cells and extends the human life for more than 30%, has shown the research over mice diseased by cancer, which DNA is similar to humans.

Source: myhealthyfoodtips

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