How Burn 100 Calories In Only 10 Minutes

It is possible burn 100 calories in just 10 minutes? Yes absolutely! Without resorting to “miracle potions” it will be sufficient to carry out a fitness program targeted.

If you have little time or lack of consistency to subscribe to the gym and follow a regular workout and structured, you can fix by running in the house the Pyramid Workout, the program developed by personal trainer and journalist NBC Jenna Wolfe, to find the ideal body shape without excessive effort .

How to burn 100 calories fast

No special tools are required and nor too large spaces: it will be enough to arm themselves with good will and devote at least 10 minutes of their day to this special type of fitness. We see in the following pages how to properly execute the Pyramid Workout, which includes a total of 10 high-intensity movements, which, in addition to losing weight, they also help improve balance.

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