How Can Nutrients Help Improve Kidney Health?

Kidney health is closely related with healthy eating habits. Poor diet and unhealthy eating habits can have a negative impact on our kidneys. Avoid consuming refined and processed foods, choose healthy options like fresh vegetables and fruits. Foods rich in antioxidants not only protect you against diseases like cancer but also promote kidney health.

Increasing your intake of potassium and limiting your consumption of alcohol can result in healthy kidneys. Also limit the intake of fats and high glycemic carbs found in pasta, sugar, white bread and sweets as these foods can cause inflammation. Quit smoking as it may also trigger kidney disease, also avoid secondhand smoke.

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To promote kidney heath include nutrients like vitamin D3, anthocyanins (plant flavanoids found in blueberries, cranberries, eggplant and pomegranate) and resveratrol (found in red grapes).

You can also get these nutrients in the form of food supplements, other supplements that can promote kidney health are magnesium glycinate, GABA and melatonin.

However, it is suggested to consult your Nephrologist before taking any of these supplements.

Do not forget to keep yourself hydrated for efficient working of the kidneys. Adequate amount of water can also aid other biological functions.

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