How Cancer is Mostly Caused by The Intake of Acidic Food

When the body is in an acidic state, it is more prone to aging and all kinds of illnesses, including cancer.

On the other hand, the consumption of alkaline foods changes the pH of the body and oxygenates the system, thus maintaining the normal functions of the body, and inhibiting cancer.

How Cancer is Mostly Caused by The Intake of Acidic Food

Namely, the root of the problem in the case of cancer is the food our diet. Previously, the major part of the foods people consumed was alkaline, but this has been changed through the years and has affected the number of cancer patients.

However, doctors do not advise patients on the diet they should consume, which can be extremely helpful in preventing and curing cancer.

The pH scale is theoretically open-ended, but most pH values are in the range from 0 to 14.When the pH value ranges from 0 to 7, the environment is acidic. On the other hand, the pH in an alkaline environment is between 7 and14.

Modern diets include acid and alkalizing components, but when mainly rich in acid- forming foods, the diet can be a major factor for the incidence of cancer. For instance, in general, the American modern diet is mostly acidic, which is far from beneficial for the health.

This is due to the fact that cancer patients should struggle to maintain balanced pH levels in the body, as cancer cells will not survive in an alkaline environment, but their growth and development will be boosted in an acidic one.

Apparently, the typical western diet is one of the most influential factors for the creation of cancer, as it is rich in acid- producing foods, like dairy products, meat and the like.

Therefore, it is of vital importance to eat as many natural foods as possible. This includes fresh fruit and vegetables. Moreover, you need to examine foods and find out which are more alkaline, and which are acidic.

Also, it is advisable to occasionally check your alkaline level. Although cancer can be caused by another factor, the food you consume still remains to be a major threat.

A long time ago, people ate much healthier food, as they ate what nature supplied for them. Nowadays, we consume processed foods, full of dangerous chemicals and toxins, refined foods, bread and baked goods from refined white flour and the like.

This kind of diet significantly changes the proper function of the organs in the body and causes numerous health issues, including cancer.

Moreover, other high acid foods are cheese, ice cream, soft drinks, pasta, butter, jams and jellies, alcohol. These may not be harmful to your health in all cases, but if the pH levels are not in a perfect balance in your body, they can additionally complicate things.

In contrast, foods which are beneficial to consume, as they are alkaline include fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. If you incorporate these foods in your diet and consume them regularly, you will successfully prevent and even combat this deadly disease.

Our health condition is directly linked to our diet, although cancer can be a result of other harmful influences as well. As we stated previously, our way of life and diet has been hugely altered in the past 40 to 70 years, so modern foods and drinks now pose a serious threat to our health.

Experts believe that the main culprit for the growing number of cancer patients nowadays is the diet, which is rich in processed foods, and has almost no nutritional value.

Therefore, as suggested by numerous health experts and scientists, the first thing you should do in the fight against cancer is to make some dietary changes and consume more alkaline, organic and fresh foods.

Acid and Alkaline foods

Acid and alkaline foods can be divided into two groups:

1) Acid or alkaline foods, according to their nature;

2) Acid or alkaline ‘forming’ foods, referring to the pH environment they create after being consumed.

While alkalinity triggers the nerve action, acidity prevents it. Moreover, hot showers make the blood acid, while cold ones make it alkaline.

The pH levels can be balanced by consuming a healthy diet.

In an acidic state, the body system will accumulate the excess acid to another area of the body, and thus will help the body to remain in an alkaline state. Furthermore, the pH value in those areas will raise, and this will cause the death of some cells, which will then develop into acids.

However, unlike all other healthy cells who cannot live in an acidic environment, there will be some cells that will survive and turn into abnormal, that is, they will become malignant. These malignant cells do not agree with the brain function and the DNA memory code. Also, these cells can grow and develop endlessly.

Then, cancer develops in these stages:

  1. The frequent consumption of fatty foods, refined foods, acid forming foods, aspartame, carcinogenic substances like nitrates (cold cuts, hot dogs, sausages), and chemically treated foods, X-ray and airport body scanners, these all can lead to the incidence of cancer.
  2. Increased constipation.
  3. Raised acidity in the blood, which can lead to an elevated number of white cells, and a reduced number of red cells, which is the beginning stage of leukemia.
  4. Elevated acidity in the extracellular fluids.
  5. Elevated acidity into the intracellular fluids.
  6. Initiation stage: the formation of malignant cells.
  7. Cancer promotion stage: Further consumption of acid foods. The traditional cancer treatments involve the use of drugs, chemicals, and radiation.

Source: NaturalNews

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