How Clean The Windows Quickly

Among the many unpleasant houseworks, cleaning the windows is more difficulte and is harder achieving the goal simply. To facilitate the work, in any case, it is possible to put into practice some tricks and resort to some natural methods that will be appreciated, from the first time that will be exploited, for their effectiveness.

Often it is just the case to use a bit of cunning, and to know all natural ingredients that we already have at home: for example, the white wine vinegar, perfect to clean, sanitize and disinfect (but not perfume, of course) . So let’s see how to clean the windows quickly:

How to clean the windows quickly

Go away dust!

When you think about to clean windows, you always think the old trick, passed down from generation to generation, the use of old sheets of crumpled newspaper.

Before doing this, however, it is essential to remove the dust: for this is sufficient to use a soft cloth, but should be fine even a simple sheet of paper towel. In the procedure, is better always start from the top, before gradually decreasing.

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