How Eliminate Forever The Ants!


Let’s see 3 easy ways to get rid of ants:

(1) Diatomaceous earth, a fossil remnant against ants.

As already mentioned, it is a fossil flour, a residue of algae, very useful for several uses, including food. Just spread thick layer to the access points of the house and in general where we believe that the ants can “hit“.

How does it work? Simply getting in touch with the ant, it dissolves the outer protective coating of the insect, which does die after a while because of dehydration.

(2) Baking soda and powdered sugar: an sweet death for ants.

Just open the pantry, mix these two ingredients in equal parts and you’re done! The mixture should be spread in places where ants may lurk.

The sugar acts as a decoy because the ants are attracted to, but baking soda kills them because an acidic substance in the body of the ants, generates a chemical reaction with the bicarbonate.

(3) Cornstarch alters the digestion of the ant.

The ant must eat the cornmeal that disturbe their digestion, it causes the death for starvation.

If we notice that heaps of flour that we shed near the front door of the house are still intact, then it is good to mix the sugar to serve as bait so that it approach faster.

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