How many children you will have? See in your hand!


Have you ever wondered how many children will you have and is it going to be boy or girls> do you know that our hand can tell that just by one look. Chiromanty has the answer to this question.
According to this science there two lines, named lines for children. They show how many children you will have, and the gender of the babies as well. How to find out what has the destiny prepared for you? See the hand and find those lines. They are part of the hand called – Cote Mercury which is located just below the little finger. How many lines there are, the more children you have!
The shape of the lines describes what gender would be your children:
If the lines are deep and straight it is a sign that your children will be boys.
If the lines are pointed out and strongly displayed it means ta your children will be girls.

And if by any chance you cannot see the lines on your hand do not worry, they will appear eventually with time.


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