How many of you like veg paratha?

Parathas are the heart and soul of a North Indian breakfast.
Here are an amazing variety of Veg parathas
 Aloo Pyaz Paratha
Aloo paratha is one of the most commonly prepared stuffed parathas
Stuffed Cabbage Paratha
Stuffed parathas are something that can be prepared easily and when you are running out of time to prepare a side dish, you can simply prepare a stuffed Cabbage paratha.
Onion Cheese Paratha
Apart from making plain parathas, you can stuff them and enjoy a tasty and filling breakfast.  Kids these days love cheese and this paratha will be a treat for your fussy children.

Ajwain Mirchi Paratha
You can have ajwain paratha if your digestion is weak.

Enjoy these parathas with your family and have a wholesome breakfast every day!!!
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