How to Cure Each Type of Headache?



Despite the tension and headache is very common, and there are many reasons. They are caused by anxiety, eye fatigue, caffeine, food, less of rest, poor posture, stress, hunger, or something else that disrupts your daily schedule.As well the tension and headache may occur after consuming a lot of alcohol for a night. Basically if anything is abnormal about your day, whether it is a late lunch, or tense situations at work, headaches can occur any moment.

How to Cure Each Type of Headache


Tense headaches usually are best settled with pain medications, such as aspirin or ibuprofen, before the pain become severe. They are not curative, but make the pain disappear after a while. Even hot pepper can help in prevent pain. If your headaches are interfering, your doctor may have other solutions.

Otherwise, in the meantime it is better to find a solution for you to minimize the pain. If your headache is caused by stress, meditation can help. If it is caused of hunger, then eat. If the reason is eyestrain, turn away from the computer for a while.


The best to prevent tense headache is adjusting your routine and minimize potential causes. It is a kind of “trial and error” method to identify the causes of tension, but if you know the reason for the same, whether it is too much stress, hunger or fatigue, then you can stop it. Even some nutritional allergies can cause headaches.



The exact cause of migraines is still unknown, it is considered that genetics and environment can cause the same (about 70% of the world population suffers from migraine that has inherited influence). Hormonal changes, stress, unusual sensory stimuli (such as strange odors or light), changes in sleep patterns and even the change of weather are found as a potential cause of migraine. The diet also may cause migraine.


There are many treatments against migraine. Some are “Imitrex, Zomig, Maxalt” and are effective for relieving pain much like aspirin. If nothing helps, than being calm and relax, could provide minimal relief.


Migraine can be inherited, but it is usually caused. And it is recommended to minimize those causes. Mild exercises and walking can be great for relief from headaches and prevent migraines. Also drugs as “butterbur”, magnesium (which is found in bread, almonds, spinach etc.) as well as “riboflavin” (found in grains, pasta, sauces and much more) can be effective in reducing the frequency of attacks. The regular time of good sleep every night can also help reduce the migraine.

Sinus Headaches


The causes for such pain are usually sinus inflammation, allergic reaction or infection (such as a cold or flu). When the sinuses become inflamed, they can cause swelling and increased amounts of mucus.


The best treatment is usually taking antibiotics, which can prevent the infection and antihistamines that can help you prevent the allergic reaction. In this situation it is very important to drink great quantity of water, tea, natural juices etc.


Sinus headaches can often be caused by two sources, and prevention is something that we need to reduce or eliminate the causes in both cases. For allergies that are associated with headache, humidifiers or nasal sprays and steam may be helpful. Certain dietary supplements can also help including “bromelain” (substance found in the stems of pineapple) and “quercetin”. The reduction in contact with allergens, it is also crucial for the prevention of sinus infections.

Of course if the infection comes from a cold or flu, then the best idea is to avoid becoming ill. Good sleep, hand washing and reduction of tobacco and alcohol are the best ways to prevent the disease. Steam is also a good way to prevent colds.

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