How to Determine Your True Blood Pressure

Use this blood pressure chart infographic to determine your true blood pressure. Studies show this method is far superior to readings taken in the doctor’s office.

The “white coat” effect of your doctor’s office may be preventing you from knowing what your true blood pressure reading really is according to science based studies. There is now overwhelming scientific evidence that using a home blood pressure monitor is superior to in-office blood pressure measurements, according to a joint scientific statement from the American Heart Association and the American Society of Hypertension published in the journal Hypertension.

How to Determine Your True Blood Pressure

The expert panel, chaired by Dr. Thomas Pickering of Columbia University, recommended that if you have hypertension or borderline hypertension, you should be using a home blood pressure monitor on a regular basis. Only then will using a blood pressure chart to classify your blood pressure be worthwhile.

Source: naturalmedicinebox

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