How To Detox Your Armpits In 7 Days To Prevent Breast Cancer

Detox Your Armpits
Breast cancer is the main cause of death among women aged between 35-54 years. In the USA, men have a 43% chance to develop cancer during their life – in women, the chances stand at 37%. What really causes breast cancer is not discussed enough right now.

Aluminum and breast cancer
Skin is the largest organ of the body, constantly absorbing things from the surface, including creams, lotions, makeup and beauty products in general. They seem harmless, until you find out what they’re made of. Here are a few examples of their contents:

Aluminum – responsible for breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease
Propylene glycol – antifreeze agent
Parabens – disrupts hormones
Formaldehyde – a well-known carcinogenic substance
Phthalates – disrupts hormones
Various antibacterial agents – they affect the immune and endocrine system negatively

Aluminum salts are especially popular in the cosmetic industry. However, recent studies, like one published in the Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, confirm that tested malignant breast tissues contained high doses of aluminum. It was even found in breast milk! Aluminum is a strong neurotoxin, and it’s been linked to Alzheimer’s and autism. “It causes all kinds of unusual biochemical reactions in the body, including the brain” says Dr. Chris Shaw, a neuroscientist and Professor at the University of British Columbia.

If you use deodorants and antiperspirants for a long time, read below how to detoxify the armpits by changing a few lifestyle habits.

How to detox your armpits

Go to a sauna
The body expels toxins and cools down naturally by sweating. Increasing the amount of sweat is a great way of detoxing the armpits. It will also boost your immune system.

Drink mineral water
Drinking water will keep you hydrated and will help the body flush out the toxins. Aluminum can be flushed out by drinking high-silica content mineral water – purchase it at your local health food store.

Change your deodorant
Most deodorants and antiperspirants contain many toxic chemicals besides aluminum. Read the product labels before buying them. Even the organic ones need to be checked!

DIY armpit detox recipe
To reverse the effects of deodorant use, use this homemade DIY recipe. It will also help control the bacteria that causes odor.


One tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar
One tablespoon of bentonite clay
Three drops of rosemary essential oil
Five drops of cilantro essential oil

Mix the apple cider vinegar and clay in a bowl, and add the essential oils if you like – they are optional. When it’s well mixed, apply it on the armpits and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Wash with a damp cloth, and repeat the procedure every day for a week.


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