How to Detox Your Liver Using Herb!

You need to detoxify the liver in order to improve its work. There are numerous ingredients which help when it comes to cleansing the liver and improving its work. Add the following ingredients in your daily diet and liver’s work will be improved.

How to Detox Your Liver Using Herb!


This spice is great liver protector. It improves release enzymes which have the ability to destroy toxins and protecting from cancer.

Dandelion root

Besides the fact dandelion root can regulate estrogen, it can also be used for treating fatty liver, cirrhosis and acne.


This herb relaxes the bile canals and improves flow, thus helping to break fats. It also helps in regulating cholesterol and facilitates filtering of toxins, helps prevent the formation of kidney stones and improves digestion.

Green tea

If you have not started using green tea by now, you should start as soon as possible. It contains antioxidants, improves overall liver’s work and it is especially good when it comes to mitigation of damaged liver caused by alcohol.

Source: healthyfoodstar

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