How To Detoxify Your Body At Home Naturally

Even if the modern medicine is skeptical and suspicious about all of the detoxification practices like colon washing and avoiding the fatty products, we must admit that our body is exposed to a huge amount of toxins every day, and losing those toxins can only be good for our body.

As you might imagine, the organs usually targeted by detoxification are the ones that are directly in contact with the toxinst entering the body: intestines or colon, the kidneys and the liver.

How To Detoxify Your Body At Home Naturally

In this article we are going to present you few ways supported by the science, on how you can clean up your body and improve your overall health.

Liver: The Great Detoxifier in the body is the liver. It is the part of the body that filters all those fats and noxious chemicals that we insert in our body, turning them into something that can be excreted from the body. Anyway, we must not forget to detoxify our liver from time to time.

Diabetes, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and alcohol are just some of the liver’s biggest enemies. These enemies can easily cause inflammation and injury to the liver, preventing this organ from working properly.

The bitter gourd is one of the best natural food items that very effectively detoxifies the liver from the effects of diabetes, alcohol and NSAIDs. This natural fruit reduces liver inflammation and oxidation caused by alcohol consumption, increases glutathione levels, which alleviate liver inflammation caused by NSAIDs, and stimulates the scavenging of liver free radicals caused by diabetes.

There are also few other natural foods that have been proven scientifically to rejuvenate or detoxify the liver, those foods are: dandelion leaves, garlic, lemons, apples and avocados.

Kidneys: The kidneys are the body’s blood filters. The job of the blood filters is to collect and get rid of the toxins from our blood. Our kidneys are very vulnerable to toxins such as microorganism infections, excessive calcium, blood sugar and drugs.

A natural food item well known for detoxifying the kidneys is cranberry juice,it helps clear the kidneys of calcium deposits and viral infections.

In a recent discovery, onions have shown to be quite effective in counteracting kidney toxicity from cadmium intoxication. Onions are also useful in treating renal Toxoplasma gondii infections.

Intestines: The small intestines absorb the food nutrients,after the food we eat gets completely mashed up into liquid form by our stomach muscles, and send them out to the rest of the body to be delivered through the bloodstream. The unnecessary parts – the wastes – are getting pushed into the colon, or the large intestines.

In other words, the colon is like the body’s “recycle bin”. Just imagine how disgusting it can get if we don’t empty the colon regularly. A lot of waste material filled with bacteria can be left behind and wreak the havoc in our body. Very effective at doing this are the lentils, which are an excellent colon detoxifier.

There’s no need to go for a colonic irrigation, if you feel like washing out the colon for good measure. (Doctors do not recommend colonics at all, because it heightens our risk of electrolyte imbalance, infection, and bowel perforation).

Instead, drink pineapple juice! Pineapple juice is rich in fiber and vitamins making it great for clearing the bowels, and it helps the colons of patients who are about to undergo a colonoscopy procedure.

At the end, don’t forget that you need to encourage the healthy growth of beneficial microorganisms in your colon. Eating globe artichokes is a great way of doing that, and it has been proven scientifically.

Indeed, even if the modern medicine is skeptical about the benefits of faddish “detoxification” methods, we found rich scientific evidence supporting this common-sense ways of detoxification: avoid the unhealthy and eat the healthy food.

Some foods, though, have been proven more powerful detoxifiers and healthier from other foods, and as we eat every day, it is good to know which foods are more beneficial for consumption.

Source: healthandhomeremedies

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