How to Drink Water to Lose Weight

A study published in 2015 concluded that drinking water just before meals may also help people to lose weight. In the study, 48 overweight adults aged 55 to 75 were put into two groups. The first group was asked to eat a low-calorie diet but not to drink any extra water before meals. The second group was asked to eat the same diet but also to drink two glasses of water (500 ml) just before each meal. After 12 weeks the group drinking water had lost, on average, about 2 kg more than the non-water drinking group. The theory was that the group drinking water felt fuller during the meal and so ate less food at each meal.

How to Drink Water to Lose Weight

This is just one small study and so it is difficult to base firm advice on it. However, it sounds logical and may be worth a try. Note: drinking excessive amounts of water is not helpful and, in rare cases, can be dangerous. There have been a few case reports of people dying from drinking excessive amounts of water. However, the extra 500 ml of water per meal in this study is reasonable.

Source: healthtipsworld

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