How To Fall Asleep In Under A Minute

Who would not like to sleep in a minute? This is the secret! Read this article and you’ll see how easy it will be, as of tonight, sleep effortlessly, without moving in the bed with only the result of nervous and lose precious hours of sleep.

How to fall asleep in 1 minute

No more counting sheep: in the American doctor Andrew Weil opinion, who graduated from the prestigious Harvard University and author of many famous essays, only takes one minute to slip in most restorative of sleep thanks to a method – which he called “4-7 -8 “which is based on the modulation of the right breath…

Falling asleep in a minute? This is the secret: knowing how to breathe in the right way. According to Dr. Weil you have to take a big breath expelling all the air from your lungs. Then you have to proceed with your mouth closed, inhaling through your nose and counting in mind up to four.

Proceed holding your breath and count to seven to throw all the air out of his mouth for eight seconds. This cycle is repeated three times, and it takes only a minute. The technique refers to an ancient Indian practice called “pranayama” which means “rhythmic control of the breath.”

Some people swear – after trying it – it had abandoned teas and flocks to be counted or even worse, drugs for insomnia. Thanks to the increased amount of oxygen that passes through the body that relaxes and we are able to sleep in a minute, a trump card especially in times of stress, psychological pressure and anxiety.

The video that the same Dr. Weill has posted on Youtube has had many enthusiastic comments. In one of them we can read “I tried it and I instantly felt better. I took years for drugs against anxiety. But after four sets of these breaths I felt less agitated. “

The same Dr. Weill suggested to try the technique several times, practicing even during the day when we are gripped by anxiety or are under stress for work and domestic commitments. Trying at least twice a day for six – eight weeks we become masters of our own breathing rhythm and finally sleep will come ina very short time.

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