How to Find Out Which Organ Is Not Functioning Properly!

According to the answer he will know in which part of the body is the problem, that energy circulates difficult or where is too much energy, which is also not good.

It is not a bad to track the biological clock and write down what time of the day occurr problems, such as fatigue, pain etc. It is also good to note the time when you have the most energy, and when you awakens during the night, because it indicates a problem with a particular part of the body.

How to Find Out Which Organ Is Not Functioning Properly!

Time of maximum function (12 hours after that function is the weakest)

5 to 7 pm – colon

7 to 9 hours – stomach

11 to 13 hours – heart

13 to 15 hours – the small intestine

15 to 17 hours – the bladder

17 to 19 hours – the kidneys

19 to 21 hours – a heart Tread

21 to 23 hours – thermoregulation

23 to 1 hour – bile

1 to 3 hours – liver

3 to 5 hours – Lung

When one organ is on the top level , the one on the opposite side of the biological clock (12 hours apart) is to the lowest energy level.

For example, between 1 and 3 hours liver reaches its peak, and the small intestine is probably on the lowest level of energy. Therefore, if you eat late at night, the food is not well absorbed in the small intestine.

Source: cuisineandhealth

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