How To Get Rid Of Back Pain In 2 Minutes!

We are discussing about yoga position which is relaxing and will help you to release the pain. If you seat on your work place all the time in front of the PC, or you simply sit a lot of time while you are working after some time you will feel obnoxiousness and torment particularly in the back.

How To Get Rid Of Back Pain In 2 Minutes

This basic yoga position which keeps going for 2 min will help you to release the pain and everything you need is belt.

It is extremely basic yoga position and you don’t have to be stress if you can’t do it for the first time.

Lay down on your back twisted knees. At that point straight and lift your left leg at an edge of 90 degrees places the belt on the foot and hold.

Lift your foot from the floor under a greater point if it is difficult for you at that angle, much as you can, yet your leg consistently has to be straightened up.

Do likewise with your right leg.

Repeat the exercise but this time with straightened up led on the floor. Try to breath deep all the time and this will relax you additionally.

Now with your straight leg on the floor repeat the exercise. Also it will relax you if you breath profound all the time and.

Watch the video for further instructions:

Source: healthyfoodteam

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