How to get six pack abs easily

Exercise core muscle

Now the good news is that all you have to do is to remove the fat that is hanging on your abdomen. Once you have worked your way through the fat you will reach your real abdomen, then you proceed towards a four packs, six packs or eight packs. Start working on core muscles. Do reverse crunch which focuses on the lower abs, this is similar to crunch but only with the legs raised up in the air. Start by putting your arms at your side and your palms down. Then place your knees upon your hips, and instead of moving the head towards the knees, do the opposite. This means that your knees will go toward your head, and here hold your knees briefly.

You could also take a plank and with your forearms on the floor and your toes on the ground lift your core and thighs off the floor. This also works your back. Also, the most basic of them is crunches.

Weight training

Strength training and weight training is very important as it you will require strong shoulder, arms and back too. Your entire body needs to be strong and not just your abs. By weight lifting you will boost your metabolism and also of course increase muscle definition. Moreover this is a great way to burn calories. Work out at the gym and lift weights for muscle gain, and it is most important to work out every part of your body so that there is uniformity in your body parts.

Cardo blast

Removing belly fat is important if you want to get to your core muscles, and the quickest way to do that is by burning fat with cardio. It is important to do cardio as much as working out with weights, both needs to be done one after the other. You are required to burn muscle and blast the fat in order to see the results that you want. This just doesn’t only mean running, you could also swim, or play you’re a sport like tennis or do cycling, learn boxing if you find that exciting! All these will help you get a blast of cardio and you will lose weight fast. Try and create your own personal exercise plan that has a good cardiovascular base will help you in the long term and will keep your excess weight at bay. You will burn a lot of calories very fast and will see that your fat is vanishing in no time.


Crunches are a lot like sit ups, only with a slight modification. For this you will have to lie down straight and then bend your knees while your feet should be flat on the floor. Then after crossing your arms across your chest and then lift your shoulders off the floor, and finally it is very important not to lift your entire body off the floor. For a little extra crunch you may suspend your legs in the air.Hanging knee raise

This is an exercise that you should do in order to develop the lower rectus abdominis and for this you will need to hold the chin up bar using a hand grip and then allow your body to hang straight keeping your feet together. You will have to make sure that you do not swing there, just be still. Then you should curl your knees up towards your chest all the while keeping your legs together and then once you have curled then pause there for a few seconds. Then slowly lower your feet back towards the floor.

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