How To Grow A Pineapple From Another One Easily At Home

If you want to grow a new pineapple from an existing one, this is what you would need:

a pineapple of any size
a little bawl of water
some potting soil
and pots for planting


The next thing you should do is to follow these instructions for growing a pineapple from an existing one:

find a fresh and healthy pineapple with no soft spots on it
cut off the top part of the pineapple, also known as crown, and make sure that no fruity part is left on it, then put it aside for some time, a few days, to dry
pull out the outer leaves of the crown and leave the rest untouched
put the bottom part of the crown about half an inch deep in small bowl of water so that only that part is being dipped, without the leaves
let it in a sunny place to dry, about two weeks, and change the water at every two or three days
two weeks later, the crown should be ready for planting: take pot, fill it with some potting soil and plant the crown
regularly water the plant, from the top, and keep the soil humid and place the pot near a window that gets sun and light for at least six hours a day
one year later, you can replant the pineapple and move it to a bigger pot, so that it can mature and even give fruit in two or more years
when the fruit comes, you should estimate when it has matured so that you can collect the fruits. You should estimate this by smelling the fruit – if it has a rich pineapple aroma, it is ready to be collected and enjoyed

Here are some less known facts about pineapples, as well as some helpful tips:

the pineapple fruits are not single fruits; they are made of hundreds of miniature fruits
when you grow a pineapple, you should know that you are allowed to pluck the old leaves and give way to the new and young ones by providing them more light and air

Source: healthyfoodadvice

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