How To Have A Lean Body

Lean-BodyPeople want to be fit and healthy, so they exercise, go to the gym, and control what they eat. However, there are certain keys to take into account when one desires to have a kind of physique that most people dream of. Here are some ideas toward having a lean body.

The inclusion of resistance training into one’s routine is one of the key elements to getting a lean body. According to Bodybuilding, the more muscle in the body, the more active its metabolic processes will be. Having increased muscle mass entails increased amount of calories burned on a daily basis.

Resistance training involves lifting weights, which gives stress to the body. This stress puts force to the muscles, allowing them to cope with it. During the workout, there will be tears in the muscle tissue due to the applied force. With proper nutrition, supplementation, and rest, the muscle tissues will recuperate and recruit more muscle fibers, which results to growth in muscle size and mass.

One does not have to significantly decrease his caloric intake in order to achieve the aesthetic body the he wants. It is because the body utilizes more calories as energy source during workout and as catalyst for muscle growth and repair. There are various kinds of resistance training exercises, so people can easily choose and incorporate them in their workout.

While exercise helps the body becomes leaner, muscle recovery and growth does not happen during the workout inside the gym. Muscle growth and repair takes place outside the gym, particularly during rest periods. Along with this, proper nutrition is necessary as the muscles need the nutrients from food in order to promote recovery of torn muscle tissues during resistance workout or exercise.

Fiber is one of the essential components of proper nutrition and it has two types – soluble and insoluble fiber.

Soluble fiber attracts water to produce a gel, which increases digestive time and decreases the speed of stomach emptying. As a result, one will feel a sense of fullness, which prevents him to eat more. Soluble fiber can also reduce blood cholesterol levels by impeding cholesterol absorption. Insoluble fiber, on the other hand, facilitates smooth passage of food through the stomach and the intestines, thus, promoting a healthy digestive function and regular bowel movement.

In addition, high-fiber foods like berries, black beans, and sweet potatoes, delay the release of carbohydrates, allowing a stable stream of glucose in the bloodstream. Meanwhile, low-fiber foods, such as white bread, boosts insulin levels in the blood.

Some people think that doing cardio exercises would give them a lean body through fat burning. While it is true, it has to be done in moderation. According to Bodybuilding, the body adapts to cardio activities just like with resistance training. During cardio exercises, the body adapts by burning the smallest amount of calories possible to be able to run father while conserving energy. With an altered metabolism, one has to do cardio in moderation and eat adequate food.

Above all, getting a lean body gives one a fit and aesthetic look, along with a boosted self-esteem. However, this will be possible with an interchange among regular exercise, proper nutrition, adequate rest, and right attitude.

Source: 1mhealthtips

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