How To Kill The Back Fat And Underarm Flab With Only 4 Quick Exercises

These exercises are considered to be the most effective when it comes to the removal of underarm flab and back fat.

1. Push and touch

In a relaxing position, first put the arms ahead and then after your head. In case you use weights, you can also use a hoop. Look forward at the palms and the stretched arms.

Then, upend you arms in the same position as your shoulders, and put them after your head. After that, put them in their first position. Make 6 repetitions, three times.

2. Bend-over a circular row

You should turn forward at a position of 90 degrees, whereas your legs should be apart at a shoulder width. Then, move your bonehead towards your opposite hand, but use one hand repeatedly, and then move back. You should also extend your neck in a circular movement. Repeat 10 times, making 3 sets.

3. Elbow kiss

First, spread both your arms forward at a shoulder height. Then, face up your palms, making an angle of 90 degrees and overlap the arms on the elbows. After that, deviate your arms to the front, and touch the forehand sides. Finally, put them at their first position. Repeat 10 times, making 3 sets.

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